Relax in luxury with the Shenandoah park model

Would you like a touch of the rustic without losing a bit of luxury? Then you’ll want to see the Shenandoah floor plan from Rustic River, located in Hamilton, Alabama. Rustic River prides itself on offering affordable options in secondary lodging for those who want a personal vacation experience away from the hassle and noise of hotels and rented campsites.   
This floor plan includes a fireplace, a walk-through bath, a queen-sized bedroom and a 15-foot-4-inch loft space. For those who like their living space more clearly defined, a wraparound countertop separates the kitchen from the living area. A spacious doorway opens into an optional open or screened porch area.
The exterior’s wood-styled siding and metal roof offers that quaint, rustic feel the moment you set eyes on it. It was made to be a retreat from the pressures of modern life, without giving up modern life’s basic amenities like a roof over your head or the television. 
The living area is perfectly arranged so people can watch TV and socialize with guests while they cook. As mentioned, the floor space is a little more clearly designated than in other park models, but there is still enough of an open feel that the space does not feel cramped or limited. The living area comes with a choice of carpet or laminate flooring. 
For nice days, the optional porch area allows owners to sit outside and enjoy the weather and possible sights of nature. The doors leading to the porch are so wide that people outside won’t feel cut off from others, unless they want to be. Outdoor furniture and window treatments will create a feeling of being outside without roughing it too much.
Seen from another angle, the kitchen area fully displays the full-sized refrigerator, stove and microwave. There’s plenty of counter space for cooking, or the wraparound counter can be used as a dining area. Vinyl flooring allows the kitchen area to be easily cleaned. The open loft also provides a good view of the whole house.
The bathroom comes with a fully functional shower and tub. With the stone countertop and full-sized toilet, it’s the kind of bathroom any homeowner of a full-sized home would come to expect. There is also a vinyl floor for wetness protection.     
Here we see the queen-sized bedroom. The bed sits between plenty of custom, handcrafted cabinets. The full window provides tons of natural light and keeps the room from feeling cramped. Like the living area, the bedroom allows for a choice of carpet or laminate flooring.
The loft area is perfect for storage, or extra sleep or play space. Natural light pours in through the windows, also letting the area feel less cramped. 
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