Take a peek inside a 1972 Airstream with the most charming interior. The bathroom's a must-see

AutoCamp offers a unique opportunity to camp in three different locations, staying only in Airstream trailers. Each trailer comes with a microwave, refrigerator and cooktop stove. Coffee and tea are stocked in the kitchen, and all the cooking utensils and dishes are provided. Bedding and towels are also stocked in each trailer.
According to Airstream's website, the company was founded by Walley Byman who paid for his college education by working sundry jobs in the summers where his love for travel seems to have been born. In 1929, his first "version" of the Airstream hit the road. It was a tent pitched on a Model-T chasis, but he discovered that in the rain, it wasn't that comfortable. From there he moved to a teardrop-shaped  shell with a stove and ice chest inside.
As Byman's vision became reality and the company was founded, Airstream decided to make quality products. "With Airstream, there is no planned obsolescence." The 1972 Airstream below is at AutoCamp and has been fully renovated for customer use.
Beautifully remodeled, the kitchenette has a stainless steel sink. The wood paneling appears to be the original to the trailer.
The master bedroom is at one end of the trailer and comes with all the linens. Beautiful "wood" flooring compliments the light walls and ceiling of the trailer. 
The streamline shape of the Airstream gives an unusual shape to the bedroom. Space to hang clothes is on either side of the bed. 
For the bathroom remodel, a vessel sink has been added. Plenty of lighting over the mirror keeps the room bright while doing hair and make-up.
A deep-soaking bathtub replaced the original trailer tub, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their time.
Creating a resort with only Airstream trailers for accommodations is truly a unique concept. Whether the trailer is a remodeled classic or brand new model, the quarters are truly luxurious and lack nothing. AutoCamp offers people the surroundings and freedom of camping with the luxuries of staying in a hotel; you get the best of both worlds.
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