Check out Ramblin Rose, an adorably renovated 1957 trailer with the cutest kitchen

Rachael is a wife and proud mother of four boys. She runs House of Noise, a blog where she chronicles life with her boys. As the only girl in a family full of boys who spend a lot of time outdoors, Rachael craved luxuries such as a comfortable place to sleep. The family bought a 1957 Honorbuilt Romer trailer, which they restored and christened Ramblin Rose. 
Buying and restoring a vintage trailer made financial sense for the family. At the time of purchase, the exterior paint was mostly gone, and the shell was visible beneath the peeled paint. Inside, the dinette had the original vinyl seats still intact. In the kitchen area, though the cabinets and drawers were present and looked fine, the upper cabinets were held in place using 2-by-4s. 
The trailer was in pretty good shape generally, the most noticeable imperfection being some water-damaged boards next to the ceiling vent. The prospect of camping without having to sleep on an air mattress in a tent was all the motivation Rachael needed to get started on the restoration, which began by tearing out the floor. Six layers of flooring later, they came across cracked and torn linoleum floor, which they replaced.
When you step in the door, the first thing you see is the little kitchen. The oven is the original one that was in the trailer. Hung over the kitchen counter are three plates, one red, one blue and one white, secured with Velcro strips.  A small crate secured with double-sided Velcro holds salt and pepper shakers and a peony. 
The sink is a large white undermount sink that was originally in the trailer. The ice box is also the original one in the trailer. The countertop was rebuilt, and Rachael hung some pretty white curtains with red accents using elastic band looped through an eye hook to complete the area. 
In the dinette, the original vinyl seats were cleaned and reused for seating. The red accents on the white curtains liven up the corner, and a red-trimmed banner is a cute touch. Above the dinette is a shelf where games and books are stored. A red curtain can be drawn to hide the sometimes messy shelves. 
The walls were sanded and covered in wall paper to hide the imperfections. Rachael states that she used the Complete Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration Manual as a handy guide. On the other side of the camper is a large couch that folds out into a queen-sized bed. Rachael created some brown pillowcases for the cushions and added a healthy sprinkling of pillows.
Ramblin Rose is pulled by a Ford Excursion. It took five months to complete her restoration. She also has some carefully placed customized decals on the body. If you would like to know more about the Ramblin Rose and find out what happens in Rachel's "House of Boys," head over here and take a peek. Don't forget to SHARE this article if you enjoyed it!
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