Explore the Creekside model; The rustic exterior hides a modern secret inside

Park models have consistently been popular due to their unique ability to effortlessly be placed in the location of the owner's dreams. For a reasonable budget, you could easily put a log retreat in the perfect corner of your land to create your getaway in the woods. 
In recent years there has been a trend of "tiny houses;" park models with painted paneling which appear more like homes than cabins. Today we are going to explore a traditional, rustic-style park model called Creekside Cabin, or CC10. It is designed by Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins with an exterior which is better suited to the woodlands, mountains or hills of rural America. Let's take a look...
As you can see, there are no painted panels here. The exterior of CC10 is finished with stained logs in the more classical style of a log cabin.
The beauty of the wooden facade is evident. Just imagine how this will transform over the years from sitting in the woods. It would be a natural addition to any woodland paradise – beautiful!
Stepping inside CC10 is a shock of modern convenience after the rugged and rustic exterior. Creekside Cabin has an elegant and modern interior which is bright, airy, and has a relaxed and convenient layout.
The large windows, high ceiling and loft area combine to ensure this home is bathed in natural light. The use of lighter tones on the walls and ceiling really add to the brightness of the room.
The kitchen in CC10 is expertly finished with good-quality appliances. That is evident from the photograph above. This would be a pleasure of a kitchen to cook in, and the darker shades on the cupboards are an attractive contrast to the lighter wooden walls.
Creekside Cabin's large kitchen features incredible amounts of cupboard space for a smaller floor plan. Cleverly built in around the large fridge, there is ample room to ensure your cooking space is clutter-free. 
The standard of finishes are excellent throughout this high-quality park model. As you can see, the solid countertops and built-ins show a standard of manufacturing that is built to last.
Looking back towards the front door, we can see how the large windows brighten the open floor plan. The high ceiling with its attractive row of smaller windows will capture some interesting shades as the sun passes through its day.
The generously spaced living room benefits from the loft space, as plenty of storage means the main living area can remain simple and uncluttered.
Creekside Cabin has one full bathroom which is finished to the high standards which were prevalent in the kitchen. The solid countertop and attractive cupboards are beautiful finishes whilst also practical and functional.
The master bedroom, located at the rear of the cabin, is perfectly designed to house a queen-sized bed. Built-in cupboards and wardrobes means all you have to do is provide the place to sleep to complete this room.
Let's explore the floor plan further...
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