Safe and sound: daughter commissions custom park model RV for Mom

From our birth until our flight from the nest, a mother's love has nestled us in the warm light of hearth and home. Home is more than just a building; it's who you live with that makes it truly special, even if the residence is seasonal like it is with park model RVs. 
This home care cottage is a park model RV from Little House on the Trailer that's been spruced up with wheelchair access for the client's aging mother. Now, it's her turn to care for her mother while allowing her to retain her independence in this modified park model RV.
The lovely shade of yellow that you see covering the interior is the perfect complement to the house's exterior paneling. There's plenty of space underneath the sink and cooktop stove in the kitchen for a wheelchair.
The bathroom is close by the kitchen and has sliding doors for easy access.
Grab bars and an open shower keep it simple for Mom to make unassisted bathroom trips while staying safe. 
Just through the kitchen is the living room and dining area. Don't you just love the table setup? It feels warm and inviting, just like Grandma's house, but the modern décor keeps it trendy.
The guest loft has a spacious queen-size bed with matching covers that keep in line with the country-style interior, and separate his-and-hers lamps make this a cozy spot to cuddle up.
Mom's room is wide enough to allow for wheelchair access here as well, and the rail on the end of the bed is sturdy enough to lean on. There's also a door in the bedroom that leads directly outside onto the ramp. Mobility isn't an issue in this house!
The time and care that went into designing this custom park model RV is evident in the level of detail and wealth of amenities provided. If only all of us could do this for our mothers when the time comes!
Check out Little House on the Trailer's custom park model cottages on their website and snag one for yourself.

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