Check out this 1948 Spartan trailer: It's the highlight of this sustainable retreat

Have you ever wondered what airplanes looked like in the 1940s? This 1948 Spartan travel trailer can give you a pretty good idea. After World War II, technology in America was quickly advancing. A new atmosphere of freedom was embraced as developments in transportation were making way. Alongside the automobile and the aircraft industry, travel trailers were also gaining popularity. The Spartan Aircraft Company began to develop travel trailers that had a sleek aluminum body and aerodynamic design so they could take off on the interstate just as planes to the sky. 
Today, we have new views on technology in relation to how we treat our environment. Lisa Sarenduc of Suitable Digs retreat has made it her goal to rebuild this space-age Spartan trailer to be "as green and energy-efficient as possible." Suitable Digs is an eco-friendly lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico and you can rent their various rooms and trailers through Airbnb.
This restored Spartan trailer is tucked away in a quiet garden setting, complete with its own front porch and yard. By staying here, you will not only feel at ease on your vacation but you will be happy to know that you are doing something great for the environment. Making use of solar energy, rainwater collection systems, and organic farming, Suitable Digs creates a sustainable retreat that is hard to beat. 
Approaching the Spartan, you will be amazed by the beauty of the New Mexico desert and the mountain views surrounding the trailer. The private deck allows you to sit, relax, and soak in the New Mexico skies. 
When you enter you will feel like you've stepped back in time once you get a glimpse of the checkerboard floors and birch paneling that glows in the light. 
The warm, birch paneling continues throughout the trailer. When you step into the living area you can witness the owner's passion for green design and the use of natural materials. The handmade, mahogany coffee table makes for a unique centerpiece.
In order to maintain the original essence of the trailer, vintage pieces have been placed throughout such as this wonderfully retro refrigerator and bright red furnishings. 
The kitchen was renovated using the layout from the 1948 design. The owners were also able to recycle the original latches, hinges, and cabinet doors to achieve an authentic 1940s look. 
The modestly sized bathroom has been redone to feature a stainless steel interior. The bathroom makes use of a compost toilet in order to maintain the retreat's ecological principles. All of the water in the Spartan exits through a gray water system and helps nourish the backyard garden.
There isn't one part of the interior design that has been ignored during this renovation. The rich colors of the fabrics and furnishings that compose the living room continue into the bedroom. The soft quality of light entering the windows makes this bedroom nook the perfect place to crash after a long day of exploring Santa Fe.
You will feel refreshed as you follow the paths through the retreat. They will lead you to gardens and greenhouses filled with flowers and organic vegetables. 
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