Sliding barn doors hide a secret in the lovely bedroom of this cottage park model

The perfect summer evening is spent sitting on the front porch with a cold beer or an iced tea. You'll have plenty of room for you and a few of your friends on this wrap-around porch, courtesy of the Meadow View park model from Platinum Park Homes. Mobile Adventurers had previously showcased the Hillside park model, also from Platinum Park Homes, and the Meadow View is just as impressive because of its thoughtful design and layout.
In fact, it might be even sweeter than the last cottage. The exterior has the feel of a barn house conversion, while the shaded front porch and gables give this cottage its country flair and coziness. Despite the moderate size of the park model's windows, the interior is awash in natural light. The refreshingly bright décor is cheerful even in the chill of December, so you won't have to worry about the winter blues creeping up on you.
The open plan kitchen is decked out in stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and granite countertops with an enormous amount of storage space in the cupboards. The kitchen island doubles as a dining table and comes with two stools, though you could certainly fit four people around it if need be by adding a couple more.
The kitchen flows into the living room, where a plush and patterned armchair awaits, along with a comfortable sofa and built-in entertainment center. From this angle, you can see that the bedroom is kitty-corner from the living room, and the bathroom is straight down the hallway. Included in this model is a broad loft with a nice staircase and balcony rail.
The bathroom includes a full-size shower, complete with a ledge for bathroom amenities or a seat while you shower. There's also an extended sink counter that hangs above the toilet so you don't have to place accessories on the top of the tank.
The bedroom is simply stunning. Not only are there hardwood floors in here as well, but there's a cozy nook for your entertainment center with sliding barn doors. You can easily hide your TV and DVD player away by closing the doors. No one will even know they're there!