Step inside the Sportsman's Lodge – a park model with an enormous loft

The design of many modern park models has veered towards the "tiny house" phenomenon - with painted wooden panels creating cottage-like abodes. Park models can easily be placed where the owner wishes, and with that comes the responsibility of ensuring your construction is in keep with the natural surroundings.
Today we are going to explore a rustic park model that wouldn't look out of place in the woods, by the sea, or on a mountain range. The wholely-wooden Sportsman's Lodge by Athens Park Homes is ideal for those who want to place a "cabin in the woods." The Sportsman's Lodge has one bedroom, one bathroom, and ample loft space over 399 square feet (37.1 square meters). Let's take a look...
The attractive wooden facade would effortlessly blend into any natural surrounding, creating a homely place to relax after a day in nature. The model pictured above benefits from a double front porch - perfect for enjoying the sunset.
The main living area of this park model benefits from the lofty cathedral ceiling and large windows to create a bright main room with panoramic front views. You can see how the transition from porch to living room is effortless, making the front deck more like a part of your home than an attachment. 
The high ceiling is a continuous theme into the open kitchen area. Extra windows at the top of the cabin add a welcomed injection of light to the room. This attractive park model features plenty of room for heavy dining furniture.
The kitchen is tastefully designed with modern appliances and ample storage space. The black appliances and dark countertops contrast nicely with the light-wood cabinetry. Lovely!
The rear bedroom in the Sportsman's Lodge has built-in cabinetry to perfectly house a queen-sized bed. The loft space covers a generous portion of the floor plan, creating an enormous room which doesn't feel cramped due to the raised ceiling.
The above picture shows the Sportsman's Lodge at its best - a generous front porch overlooking the lake. Where would you put it?
If you are interested in the floor plan for the Sportsman's Lodge, you can find more details here:
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