Relax in luxury with a classy park model: The master bedroom is just precious

This home is perfect if you want to live the rustic life, but you don’t want to rough it too much. From the gorgeous, wide porch to the modern open concept design, the Quandary is sure to put its owner at the heart of nature without giving up the lap of luxury. It’s made by EcoCabins, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
The layout for this home is simple, but logical. The space starts, from right to left, with the porch area. Past the steel front door is the living room, right next to the kitchen area. The bathroom is right off the living room, behind a ladder that leads up to the loft. Right to the side of the bathroom is the bedroom.
The exterior shows a polished porch that looks like it could be in front of a rustic-themed hotel. The classic stained plank/lap siding and red roof give it the classic cabin look. The stone façade near the bottom also gives the home a rustic, but classy, touch.
The living area is fully integrated with the kitchen and dining areas, giving this space its more modern open design. The vinyl flooring is good for easy cleaning. The TV sits in an entertainment center that comes with the model.
The photo above shows the wide porch area, complete with ceiling fan. The porch gives plenty of viewing space for taking in nature. Wide double doors lead into a small entry space before getting into the main living area.
The kitchen comes equipped with a full-sized refrigerator and stove. There is also a built-in microwave and dishwasher. The cabinets have hickory raised wood doors, and the countertops are Formica. The stainless steel sink and ceramic backsplash and edging complete the kitchen.
The bathroom has a full shower with a glass door. A medicine cabinet offers storage space, and a built-in towel bar and tissue holders add to the convenience.  
The lofted area comes carpeted and is a perfect way to add sleeping space. This model can sleep six to eight people. 
The queen-sized master bedroom also offers plenty of sleeping space. The knotted wood wardrobe adds storage, while keeping the rustic feel alive. The interior doors of the home are made out of pine, as is the window and door trim.            
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