Renovated 1965 Safari Airstream is a luxurious abode

This Safari trailer was found in the dusty desert, then polished back to life by its renovators - who today rent it out to guests. Inside it's been impeccably designed with a retro flair we can't get enough of. The couch is covered in velvet and mustard yellow, and the wood island and cabinets take you back to the days when this would have been wall-to-wall paneling.
Today it's light, bright, and airy - making it the perfect place for a glamping destination. It's almost too bad it's so nice, because it might keep you from exploring all that its stunning California backdrop has to offer. 
This is serious glamping. You can admire the California mountains and desert on one side, or your glamorous retro Airstream on the other.
Inside it's light and airy like the interior of a big, white desert tent. Flanked with a big wood island and beautiful wooden cabinets, this adds tons of warmth and added storage and living space.
The island has a beautiful view out the windows and boasts tons of extra storage. Plus, it's a great place to do extra dinner prep, or even set up the laptop.
The seating area is decked out with a retro twist we adore. The velvet and stripes are so 70's and we love the wicker circle-shaped chair to it's side. This really adds a lot of nostalgia and charm back to this Airstream.
The bathroom is light, white, and clean. No yellow tiles reminiscent of the 70's here! With a big window for plenty of light, this tiny bathroom looks much bigger than it actually is.
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