Get inspired by this custom-built park model for a glimpse at how good it can be

Park models can be defined in two simple ways: they are easily customizable, and can effortlessly be placed wherever the owner dreams. Quite often, the only thing that holds a person back when imagining their perfect wooden getaway is their own imagination. Today we are going to explore a park model which has a creative approach to the interior living space and is perfectly adapted to its habitat. 
This beautiful park model is located between a gentle creek and a boating/fishing lake outside of Waynesville, North Carolina. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, but it is the custom finishes to this floor plan which make it stand out from other park models. Shall we take a look inside?
As you can see, the rear of this park model backs directly onto relaxing Jonathan Creek. What better way to enjoy the gently moving water than with a large covered deck area!
The front of the house opens out directly onto a good-sized lake which is ideal for boating and fishing. How perfect is this location?
Taking a look at the rear porch, we can see how this custom-built deck offers an expansive outdoors living area. Imagine afternoons here enjoying a barbecue - perfect summer days!
The expansive rear deck has plenty of room for chairs and a dining set which overlooks the creek. The owners even have a comfortable hammock installed for gently swinging in the breeze whilst reading or simply relaxing.
Inside, we are immediately blown away by the beauty of this wooden construction. The ever-present wood on the floors, walls, ceiling and cabinets has a gorgeous grain and does not require further decoration beyond the attractive tones in the stain.
The vaulted ceiling is a nice addition to this park model, making the room feel spacious and light without going too far and making a living room which is difficult to heat. The delightful fireplace pictured above will provide enough heat to ensure this cabin is never cold.
This custom-built park home has an open concept floor plan, with the main room encompassing the living room, kitchen, and dining room. It doesn't feel cramped at all, despite the over-sized rustic furnishings.
The one-wall kitchen in this park model benefits from a large amount of cabinet space, which will be useful given the small countertops.
The kitchen comes complete with all modern appliances, including a range, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a washer/dryer.
This park model features a designated dining area which can house a table fit for a small dinner party.
The use of wood in this house is exquisite. Many modern park models have steered towards the "tiny house" phenomenon. We feel that these rustic park models best represent this kind of lifestyle. Lovely!
Taking a look back into the living room from the kitchen, we can see how the main body of the house is inviting and well spaced.
This gorgeous little park model features two well-sized bedrooms. The master bedroom offers ample room for a queen-sized bed.
The master bedroom - accessed from the living room - has plenty of custom built-in storage cabinets. Whilst these are fantastically practical for ensuring a clutter-free living space, they are also finished to the high standards we have already seen throughout this cabin.
The main bedroom also features a custom built-in desk. I imagine it must be wonderful to work from this location, but I don't think I would get much work done with that lake outside!
The second bedroom is a cozy space which can easily sleep friends or relatives who come to stay for the weekend.
The bathroom within this park model, again, has a number of high-quality custom finishes. From the picture above, we can see the attractive cabinetry and fixtures, whilst out of shot is a custom-built bath with stone walls and a glass enclosure. 
This park model is perfect. The large rear deck is the ideal outdoors living space for enjoying the peaceful creek, whilst the lake to the front of the construction is great for relaxing afternoons on a boat.
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