Step inside a marvelous 1952 Spartanette renovation: You won't believe the kitchen

Spartan campers, similar to Airstreams, are known for their shiny, metallic exterior that was inspired by the aircraft of the time. Over the years, many of these rolling beauties have been outdated, disregarded, and often left to rust in the backyards of people no longer able to hit the open road. Luckily today, many people are finding uses for their old trailers without having to move them from their backyard. By creatively restoring their trailers and listing them on online, owners of vintage camper trailers can share the one-of-a-kind experience with the public. 
Just a few minutes away from downtown Athens, Georgia, this 1952 Spartanette camper sits engulfed by nature. Anyone visiting the area can rent the camper through Airbnb. The owner is confident that this is, "a rare opportunity for you to experience one of the nicest Spartan trailers in the entire world!" This Spartanette's shiny exterior reflects the beauty of the surrounding area but beneath the metal envelope, it is the interior that glistens the most. 
The warm, birch wood paneling throughout the interior reflects the original craftsmanship of the Spartanette. The half dinette was saved from the original layout and can provide seating for a family of four. 
The kitchen is spacious and provides updated appliances such as a full-sized refrigerator, double sink, and a gas stove.
The earthy tones of the living room make you feel like you are staying in a cozy cabin in the woods. The sofa pulls out into a queen-sized sleeping area. 
Counter space is not a problem for this Spartanette. This kitchen nook is loaded with cabinets and plenty of space to prepare drinks or snacks. 
The owner even fills the camper with tchotchkes reminiscent of  the decade it was born.
The most impressive part about this Spartanette is its large (for a camper) bathroom.
Just like the spacious kitchen, the bathroom offers generous cabinet and counter space for your belongings. 
The bedroom provides two twin beds and feels very homey with its carefully designed lighting and custom curtains. You will not be woken up by the noise of neighbors or traffic on this private lot. Rest assured that the relaxing sounds of the Georgia woods will allow for a peaceful sleep. 
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