Check out the flowing interior of 'Silver Trailer,' a 1967 Airstream Tradewind

Sometimes buying something on impulse is not a good idea, but other times it could be the best decision you've ever made. Kristiana Spaulding purchased her 1967 Airstream Tradewind the moment she saw it parked on the side of the road in Idaho. As her road trip came to a close, she hitched her new Airstream to her vehicle and made her way home with absolutely zero regrets. After renovating her new baby, she created a website called Silver Trailer that allows people to rent out a number of vintage Airstreams for weddings and events. 
As an artist, Kristiana brought new life to the interior of her Airstream Tradewind. She explains, "I got to take a beautiful form and make it even more beautiful." She used the framework of the Airstream to create a studio in which she could explore materials and experiment with creating her own furnishings. The result is a wildly unique space where each element of the trailer is charged with the artist's vision. 
The flowing curves of the interior were influenced by the shape of the exterior. 
The main living space features a custom, wrap-around lounge that can be transformed into a sleeping area. The overhead shelves were built with a darker maple wood that adds some depth to the neutral color scheme she based off of a piece of birch bark. 
The undulating edge of this hand built table really completes the theme of this trailer. To make the table, Kristiana took a piece of scrap wood, coated it in resin, and attached it to the wall with a hinge so that it could easily be folded up when not in use. 
More custom shelves can be found throughout the trailer and act as a display for Kristiana's line of silver, trailer themed jewelry
In order to preserve her memories on the road, Kristiana covered her kitchen countertop in postcards that she has received from her friends and family during her travels. 
She even created this curtain that are composed of tubes of sand from all of her favorite places...
... and then she mapped out the world on her bathroom walls. 
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