Cross the dainty yard in front of this trailer and admire its polished wooden interior

This 1953 Spartanette has been transformed into a modern masterpiece with a little funky retro flare from Austin, Texas. The owners of the trailer bought it back in 2010 and spent the next 18 months renovating it which involved all new flooring, walls, fixtures, storage, and all the modern amenities you'd expect. 
Inside there's stunning wood paneled walls that are darkly stained and chic, and the kitchen is speckled with stainless steel appliances to match the outside of this metal beauty. There's a full sized bathroom and a nice big bedroom with storage - you even might forget you're inside a trailer at all. Best yet, it's for rent! Head to Austin for a weekend away, or the Austin City Limits music festival for a great holiday and stay.
You can fall in love with this Spartanette from a mile away. Its curved metal edges bring back a wonderful nostalgic feel, and we love how it's tucked away in this wooded back yard with it's own awning and outdoor seating area.
You might not even realize it - but these wood paneled walls are brand new. They bring a vintage vibe back to the trailer that's been designed with all new modern furniture.
Even though the furnishings are new they still have a bit of a retro vibe. We love the fabric on the couch, and those swooping edges on that chair. 
The kitchen has tons of space for a trailer. There's a massive fridge, an entire wall of storage, and a great sized sink with a window. We love how the cabinets match the paneled walls, and how the stainless steel appliances pop against it.
Tucked in the back is a nice cozy bed. This room is the perfect place to pull the curtains and tuck yourself in for the night, and a long lazy morning in. There's also additional storage drawers under the bed.
We love what they did with the bathroom because it's ultra modern with that big sink - but totally retro with those hexagonal tiles that are reminiscent of the 40's and 50's. 
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