Step inside a 1979 Silver Streak: The craftsmanship within is outstanding

When most people think of the great American road trip, they think of the metallic, streamlined design of the Airstream travel trailer. But from 1949 to 1985, another travel trailer was hitting the roads with the name Silver Streak. Playfully calling her home on wheels "the other Airstream," one woman has renovated her 1979 Silver Streak travel trailer and listed it for rent on Airbnb. Although the Silver Streak is minutes away from downtown Tucson, Arizona activities, we have a feeling you won't want to leave this cozy gem. 
Meticulously refurbished with beautiful reclaimed wood, this trailer has the power to convince anyone to pack up and move into a Silver Streak of their own. The trailer is filled from front to back with fine wooden details and well-designed furnishings. Spacious and uncluttered, there is plenty of room for the whole family. Because the atmosphere is similar to that of a rustic cabin, you might even forget you are in a trailer. 
The most distinct part about this Silver Streak is the attention to detail. Space saving shelves were installed all throughout the interior. On them, you will find board games, books, and guides for local attractions. 
 The interior is almost completely recovered with reclaimed wood. This beautiful swinging door leads to the bathroom.
When the bathroom door is open, more light is allowed to spread through the camper. The living room features a variety of seating, including a futon for an additional sleeping area.
The bathroom features a unique glass sink, giving the cabin-like interior a modern touch.
Enjoy a hot shower in this roomy bathroom, completely stocked with fluffy towels and soap.
Don't be afraid to sleep in because guests have already been raving about how soft and comfortable this queen size bed is. 
You will not want to leave without cooking a meal in this amazing kitchen. 
It is fully equipped with all the essentials to make a tasty meal. 
When you are done preparing your food, you can enjoy it at this adorable breakfast nook...
... or even take it to your private patio. 
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