Tour Washington, D.C. in this adorable 1973 Scotty trailer

Who needs a big, roomy hotel room when most of your time traveling is dedicated to the sights and activities of your destination? Why waste your money on luxury amenities when you are visiting a city that is rich with cultural heritage? One woman has created a solution to both of these problems by renting out her adorable 1973 Scotty trailer on Airbnb for anyone who wants to explore the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. By allowing her guests to take the Scotty out anywhere within a 50-mile radius, the options are limitless. 
At just 50 dollars per night, this makes not only for a versatile vacation but an affordable one as well. Guests can take the Scotty out to the city to check out the country's most famous monuments and museums, gallop with wild ponies on Assateague Island, or enjoy more traditional camping in one of many National and State parks. The host is sure to remind visitors, "Despite the cuteness, this is still CAMPING." Although the camper features most everything you need to enjoy your vacation, a reservation at a local campground is still needed if you would like access to a bath house. 
It might be small but a small kitchen is better than no kitchen. This trailer still has her original refrigerator, perfect for storing your hot dogs and hamburgers before throwing them on the grill. The kitchen is also equipped with a George Forman, hot plate, microwave, and coffee pot. 
As you can see, this tiny trailer does not lack storage. The cabinets above the dinette provide plenty of room for storing your clothes and other belongings. 
The trailer features two beds. This one is a little smaller than the average twin sized mattress, but you will not be disappointed when you cuddle up in the cozy, vintage quilts that cover it. 
During the day, you can relax on the gaucho sofa and curl up with one of the many books that the host provides for your trip.
At night the sofa turns into the larger of two beds. The wool curtains were hand-knit and dyed to complement the existing color palette. We love how the vibrant, floral wall contrasts the dark wood texture. 
After you pull out the awning, you can lay down the rug, unfold some chairs, and enjoy the great outdoors. This is still camping, after all. 
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