Get the classic cabin aesthetic with the Antero: A park model with a gorgeous interior

If you’re looking for a rustic little getaway with a classic cabin feel, then you’ll love the Antero. It’s made by EcoCabins, which is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This company specializes in craftsman-quality park models. The park models are up to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) code.
The basic floor plan for the Antero is fairly standard: A porch to the far right leads into a living room. A kitchen sits across from a bathroom, and then to the left of that is the bedroom. For the layout of the living room, the built-in corner for the entertainment center is a nice touch. It keeps the TV out of the way, while creating a nice focal point. The layout also gives plenty of room for the dining space, which is placed so people can eat and interact with those in the living room and kitchen.
The exterior is perfect for those who love that wooden exterior and green metal roof classic cabin aesthetic. The plank/lap siding comes stained, there is wooden window trim and the steel door comes with a built-in blinds option.  
The porch itself gives a great view of the surrounding wilderness that this cabin was made for. The patio light gives this space usability at night, and there is plenty of room for outdoor furniture.
As the photo below shows, the kitchen comes with a full-sized oven, microwave and refrigerator. This model also comes with a dishwasher. The Formica countertop, ceramic backsplash and stainless steel sink make for easy cleaning, while lending plenty of style. The hickory raised wood cabinet doors stay true to the rustic theme.
The photo below shows how well the floor plan works together in the main areas. This is more of a segmented floor plan for the kitchen, so people aren’t too distracted by noises from cooking. But nor would a cook be cut off from the rest of the main living area completely. And the dining area has quick access to the kitchen.
The bedroom has plenty of space to sleep two and even allows space for nightstands. 
In the bathroom there is a shower with a glass door. Medicine cabinets with bold lighting make getting ready a breeze. The nickel faucets are easy to clean and durable.  
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