Step inside the Hy-Line – A gorgeous park model which oozes rustic charm

Many of us who are attracted to owning a park model are interested in the simplicity of purchasing a constructed unit, yet want to maintain that rustic feel of a real log cabin. With many park models offering rugged wooden exteriors, it is important to explore inside to see if they really have the feel of a rustic log retreat.
The Hy-Line model by HL Enterprise is 33 feet (10.1 meters) in length, with a floor plan which includes a spacious kitchen, two bedrooms, and a full bathroom. The company has many years of experience in delivering park RV models, creating high-end mobile homes. The version we will explore today is their rustic design, with attractive wooden finishes throughout. Let's take a look inside...
The Hy-Line park model as imagined with a rustic, log exterior. This type of finish is perfect for the forest, with a generous porch for peaceful afternoons.
Inside this park model, we find an open-plan living room with a gorgeous corner kitchen. The black appliances contrast nicely with the lighter shade of wood.
The kitchen offers an abundance of storage space to ensure the cooking area remains free from clutter. Ample room for a dining table completes the eating area, which benefits from large windows and plenty of natural light.
The ever-present wood finishes give the room that cabin feel we are looking for. The high ceilings make the space feel open despite the low square footage. 
Looking back, we find the main living area. This simple space will be cozy at night, whilst the sliding glass door gives a seamless transition from inside to outside.
The master bedroom is a cozy, inviting space which is designed to house a queen-sized bed. An attractive wardrobe with drawers and a storage cabinet provide plenty of space for your personal items.
The second bedroom - located at the opposite end of the floor plan - features an ingenious approach to offer extra sleeping space.
The room has a queen-sized bed at the lower level, with a bunk bed above. These clever built-ins mean you can invite family and friends to your peaceful wooden getaway.
High-quality finishes are present throughout the Hy-Line park model. The bathroom has attractive fittings, includes a tub/shower.
Do you want the bigger picture? Explore the floor plan below.
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