Enter this park model to see how realistic an electric fireplace can be, chimney and all

If you want a rustic cabin that’s so true to the style that it has a stone chimney on the side, look no further than The Frontier. Made by Instant Mobile House in California, and sold through RVtrader.com, the other highlights of this home include highly customized decking space and a wide choice of interior styles (from rustic to more modern).
The floor plan can be highly customized, but the standard floor plan is a pretty tried and true model. A living area sits off to the right. A dining area is exposed to the living room and sits across from an open kitchen area. The bathroom sits next to the kitchen, and a bedroom that can house a queen-sized bed sits off to the far left. There’s an optional clerestory that spans about two-thirds of the exterior on one side. The fireplace in this rendition sits between the living and dining areas.     
The exterior of this cabin comes as classic as you can get: stone façade to look like a chimney, log siding and a green metal roof. The home also boasts bronze dual-pane windows.          
The photo above shows an optional porch addition. It’s great for sitting out and enjoying the sights of nature. This one has been customized to span the whole length of the home. 
This photo shows a more modern touch to the home. A more conventional electric fireplace sits off to the left. Also, full-wall windows let in plenty of natural light.    
This photo showcases a more rustic approach to the model. A conventional stone façade fireplace offers a classic mantle display. Knotted wood paneling gives a more rustic feel.
The photo above shows how customizable the porch area is. In this model, it has been turned into a convenient screen porch, great for wooded areas that are prone to getting buggy in the depths of summer. The surrounding fence and added stairs also give this cabin a homey look. 
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