Take a look inside this 1962 Shasta: It's the definition of the American dream

Shasta trailers are little trailers with a big impact. Introduced in the 1940s, Shasta trailers quickly became known for their small size and vibrant colors. After inspiring many Americans to pack up and hit the road, the trailers began to symbolize the ultimate form of freedom and leisure. The polished Shasta wings are now a classic icon that many owners are aiming to preserve by maintaining and renovating their trailers. 
Anyone yearning for a little nostalgia can browse these winged beauties for sale on the website Little Vintage Trailer. Recently, this 1962 baby blue Shasta sold for $12,500 dollars in LaGrande, Oregon. This trailer features many updates and is ready to satisfy all levels of wanderlust. Complete with a wood burning stove, full bathroom, and plenty of storage space, this little Shasta is all you could need at just 19 feet. 
The interior furnishings of this Shasta match the baby blue paint on the exterior. 
Although this trailer has had many updates, it still has that retro flair. This kitchen features a tiny wood burning stove and 1960s style fridge. 
The pops of blue against the soft, muted colors give this cozy kitchen a homey country-style look. 
The countertops have been updated with a warm, wood finish and a stainless steel sink. 
Light shines through the large windows above the dining area and fills the Shasta. Under the seats, you will find extra storage. 
Next to the kitchen, you will find the fully functioning bathroom. Although compact, it has everything you need.
For such a small trailer, the shower is very spacious. 
And of course, a bed covered in cozy linens is the icing on the cake of this traveling home. 
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