Check out the open floor plan of this modernized 1981 Airstream Excella

Renovating your own vintage Airstream can be an extremely rewarding task, but sometimes it is best to leave it to the professionals. Hofmann Architecture, a Santa Barbara-based architecture firm, is the sole studio in the world that focuses on designing mobile. After 30 years of specialized experience, no one knows how to renovate an RV quite like these guys. The firm works closely with the client from concept to construction. In this 1981 Airstream Excella named Noelle, every detail has a function and a meaning. 
Noelle was named after the architect, Matthew Hofmann's 5-year old niece. He says, “I love her simple purity of purpose and passion for adventure. Her eyes really light up when she hears she’s about to go explore some new horizon with her family.” This Airstream is definitely the embodiment of adventure. Whether stationed in your backyard, parked overlooking a mountain range, or hauling across the country, this Airstream won't fail to excite.
Noelle's layout is spacious and open, offering a satisfying fluidity between the spaces. 
Using the process of select renovation, the architects were able to recycle vintage elements such as the upper and lower storage spaces. The living room is classic and minimal with the focus on the natural beauty of materials with little pops of color. 
Old, laminate countertops were replaced with new bamboo and the four-burner stove was also restored and refinished. 
A new vessel sink has been added to the bathroom for a more modern look. 
The clean, white walls continue throughout the whole interior and contribute to the open feeling of the design. The bedding is the same yellow and blue color palette found throughout the Airstream. 
The semi-private bedroom allows you to enjoy some alone time will also being able to gaze out over this awesome space. 
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