Enter the park model that’s completely customizable – the hanging lights are worth the visit

This park model cabin, made by Country Park Home & Cabin Sales located in Franklin, North Carolina, is perfect if you want a one-of-a-kind space. The company prides itself on being able to custom build park model log cabins to your complete request. The photos below are from one custom-built model, and can be part of one home.
Though customizations are made, there are five basic floor plans to get started with for inspiration, as the photo below shows. There’s the standard living room to the right, then kitchen across from the bathroom and then a bedroom off to the left. Interesting options include having the bedroom on the separate end of the home from the bathroom and kitchen for maximum noise reduction. Another option is to have the kitchen on the opposite end of the house from the bedroom, but still have the bathroom next to the bedroom for convenience.  
The exterior is made of solid white pine log-style siding. The dovetailed interlocking corners give this home a hand-built feel. The exterior also has protective stain on it.  
This model shows a customized loft option, with a rustic, barn-style ladder leading up to the loft. Knotted white pine paneling add to the rustic look.  
The shot below gets a better view of the kitchen, which comes with a full-sized refrigerator and stove. The countertops are rounded edge mica with a backsplash.  The cabinets and doors are all custom wood. There is also a stainless steel kitchen sink with a handheld sprayer.   
The sitting area is very classic and basic. A cathedral ceiling helps the space feel more open. The home can also come with doubled glazed bronze tone windows.  
As seen previously, this model comes in many different forms. Here, a shot of a larger kitchen in a cabin made of brighter wood. Stunning hanging lights are there to illuminate the area.
The bedroom in the back has everything you need, and it's joined by the loft up above to provide several different sleeping options.
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