Take this vintage camper rental for a spin and enjoy its wonderfully cozy interior

Rent out this vintage camper for a weekend adventure in the lone star state. A family from Austin, Texas has polished this retro trailer up to look as good as new. It's small enough to tow behind your car, but big enough to climb inside and make yourself comfortable after a long day exploring a national park, or just taking a drive across this massive state.
This trailer is packed with vintage style including olive green linoleum floors, a banquette, and a little reading nook. There's also a retro little kitchen with two toned cabinets, a stove top, and plenty of cabinets to store the fuel for your adventure. Step into this trailer and see it for yourself.
This little trailer is quite a gem. It's gleaming white and the perfect size to hitch behind any car for any stunning Texas destination you can roll it to.
Inside, this little trailer is filled with authentic vintage finishes like those charming linoleum tiles, and those original cream cabinets. This little nook is the perfect place to snuggle up with a book and a cup of tea right off the stove.
On the other side there's a nice full-sized bed with plenty of storage for your clothes and adventure gear. Here you can see that the kitchen is tiny but packed with vintage style - we love the two-toned cabinets.
The bedroom also functions as an eating nook during the day. Fold out the table and chairs for a perfect spot to enjoy a meal, or sit down and talk about the day ahead. We love the brown vintage looking fabric on the chairs, and how it's been outfitted with plates that have a retro vibe too.
The kitchen is also outfitted with an original olive green stove, and plenty of storage. It's the perfect spot to cook up a big meal after your big adventure in the lone star state.
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