A snug interior gets a boost from a huge lawn with this Minn. park model

Ah, Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. There's a waterfront just about anywhere you turn in this northern state, and lakefront property doesn't usually come cheap. The average price per square foot is around $162! Needless to say, this expensive price tag had better have some really great views attached to it. Luckily, we've found a Minnesota park model that fits the bill (literally).
For $79,900, you can purchase a lakeside park model sandwiched between Browns Lake and Long Lake near Richmond, Minn. The property is nice and quiet with a large lawn. Don't worry about yard maintenance – your yearly association fee pays for the lawn mowing, so you never have to do it yourself. That leaves you more time to get out on the lake and go boating, tubing and more. As a native Minnesotan who lives on a lake, I can assure you it's a blast!
Inside, the park model may seem a little cramped at first, but given that you'll be spending most of your vacation time outdoors, you won't even notice. The living room and dining area are two cozy feet away from each other. There's a comfy couch, a cute little coffee table, and a four-seater dining table.
Despite the narrowness of the park model, the kitchen has plenty of room for cooking, as well as a unique area of counter space due to the sink's 45 degree angle. 
The bathroom hosts a full shower/tub combo, toilet and storage closet. 
The master bedroom is conveniently located just off of the living room and is hidden behind double sliding doors. For those lazy days when you don't want to walk a mile to lay down for a nap or settle for the couch, you can easily slip into bed and snooze away.
There's also a second bedroom that can fit two, making this the perfect park model for a family of four.
On one side of the house is a shaded patio. It's a cool place to dry off after a hot summer day on the lake, and the views just can't be beat.
The best part is that you're just a stone's throw away from the lake, which just so happens to have a kid's play area nearby for your little ones. Come enjoy summer the Minnesota way and buy yourself a park model with a view! 
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