This updated California park model is brimming with sweet Bohemian style

California – the land of sunshine and beautiful beaches. This Pacific state has some awesome surfing spots and all the glamour of Hollywood you could hope for, but if you want to own property there, you'll need to cough up the cash. 
Although California real estate is for those with expensive taste and deeper pockets, there are some great deals on the market. This gorgeous Pacific Avenue park model, for instance, is selling for a modest $262,809. Don't balk at the price until you see the inside. 
Equipped with a loft and an open plan dining area and kitchen, this park model is off to the right start. A modern Bohemian theme gives light and rich color to the entire unit (the loft is huge, by the way). The thatched glass panes on the cupboards are an especially nice touch, but it's the greenery found throughout the house that steals the show.
Don't you just love this kitchen? It's generously spacious for a single-person unit. There's also a built-in soap pump and double sink. The extended bar can be used as a second dining area if you have guests over, but you've got plenty of room if you just use the dining table. 
The bedroom is huge! Well, for a park model, that is. You have all the leg room you need to walk around the bed and not feel squished, which is rather nice if you ask us. The windows have great views of the trees and flowers just outside your door.
You may not have a huge yard if you buy this park model, but you will have a lovely patio and a vintage storage shed! The hot rays of summer sunshine won't be able to reach you when you're sitting on your shaded patio with a large umbrella over your head, sipping a cool drink while you inhale the delightful scent of lilies. 
This park model is within walking distance of the beach so you can get your surf on if you like, but this home away from home makes the perfect vacation spot all on its own.
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