Visit Music City and stay in this beautifully restored 1974 Avion La Grande

When it comes to the craze surrounding vintage campers, we've all heard the iconic name Airstream. But who is to say that the Airstream is always the superior option for those who want to camp in style? Look a little closer at the aluminum and you might realize what you see is not a vintage Airstream but is indeed an Avion La Grande travel trailer. Although there are subtle differences between the two, both names became famous for creating well designed and carefully crafted campers perfect for those who want to live on the road.
Over the years, more and more of these campers have retired from their travels in order to make a permanent residence in locations across the United States. This particular 1974 Avion can be found in the birthplace of country music: Nashville, Tennessee. Fully restored and available to rent through Airbnb, this Avion proves that you don't have to be driving across the country to make a vintage RV your home. Complete with a front porch and a view of the Nashville skyline, this Avion might change your mind about which RV is the best choice. 
When you enter the Avion, the first thing you will notice is the use of reclaimed wood. All of the wood had been recycled from old barns and sheds in the Nashville area. This living room provides ample seating for the family.
The open floor plan will allow for free movement throughout the trailer. The kitchen comes with a mini fridge, toaster oven, and coffee pot as well as snacks provided by the host. 
The cushioned leather seats of the dining area contribute to the rustic, cabin feeling of this Avion. 
The spacious bathroom features an eco-friendly composting toilet and plenty of toiletries. 
The bedroom has a comfy, full-sized memory foam mattress. With the built in sofas, the camper can comfortably sleep four. 
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