Step inside a quiet park model – its spacious bedroom is a luxurious dream

Anyone who has ever said there's nothing to do in Idaho hasn't visited the countryside in this beautiful state. Breathtaking mountain views whisk you away on a whirlwind adventure as you travel throughout Idaho's crested landscape.
The splendor of nature just outside your back door can be yours for $66,900 in this 2003 Idaho park model in the scenic Leisure Time RV Park. Situated just off of the Payette River, #21 B St. is the perfect retreat to get away from big city life and just relax.
Each window throughout the unit sports fantastic views, and a large sliding door in the living room makes for easy access to the great outdoors. It also provides abundant rays of natural light. All the furniture is comfy and cozy, perfect for putting your feet up and resting as you warm up in the sunbeams filtering in.
The dining area may have modern style, but the rustic fireplace adds a nice touch. You'll love having a wood-burning fireplace in the winter when the air turns chilly.
Just look at that cupboard space! There seems to be a cupboard everywhere you turn, so you're guaranteed not to run out of storage space. The traditional style kitchen has an open plan and extended bar for additional prep and dining space.
The headboard is utterly lovely in this spacious master bedroom. Just opposite the bed is a small desk area, a built-in chest of drawers and a space for your TV.
A full-size bathroom comes equipped with everything you need, including a shower/tub combo and modest counter space. 
Your evenings can be spent on the porch's large recliner and ottoman. There's plenty of room for a few friends to enjoy the mountain views with you.
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