Check out this spacious model: The knotted wood interior is a true rustic dream

If you like a park model that makes the most of its floor space and has a spacious feel, then you’ll love the Chariot Eagle West, sold through Blue Diamond Home & RV and located in Yuma, Arizona. The unique feature to this home is that it’s 14 feet (4.26 meters) wide, which is on the wider side for park models. That gives more room for the living and dining areas, especially.
The floor plan shows it all. There is still room for a smaller porch, yet the width gives generous living space, a dining space right next to that, a large kitchen across from a bathroom and a larger bedroom that even has space for a wardrobe. There is even a loft option for this model, adding more floor space without going over the base square footage limits of a park model.
The exterior has a cute cabin feel, with the knotted wood and red metal roof. The photo below shows that the porch still has plenty of sitting space.
The kitchen has a nice open design, and there is plenty of room for multiple cooks in the kitchen. Because of the wide floor plan, the dining area sits neatly in its own little alcove.
The photo below shows the electric fireplace that is tucked neatly in its own little corner, as well. There is plenty of cabinet space, and the photo shows more of how open the kitchen is. A knotted wood interior gives a rustic feel, and the high ceiling and windows add an even more open feeling.
Below you can see the living area from another angle. It shows how large and spacious the main living area looks and just how seamlessly the kitchen leads into the living area.
An interesting feature in the bedroom is space for the countertop and cabinetry, which looks close to a regular dresser in larger homes.
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