See how one woman transformed her life and her 5th wheel RV: The result is stunning

After struggling with self-image and concerns about her health, artist and businesswoman Becka Robinson completely turned her life around. After working hard to rediscover herself and find happiness in her own skin, she began to coach others to do the same. Her blog Life as an Artistpreneur chronicles her personal journey to success, her business and her awesome fifth wheel renovation. After becoming a life coach, she realized that she had the ability to work while also traveling, and that inspired her to purchase a 2008 Coachman Chaparral.
The fifth wheel allowed for the type of flexibility that she and her family needed, but it lacked the style and elegance that she desired. Taking on the endeavor of a complete interior makeover is no simple task, but Becka makes it looks effortless. Making use of simple and budget-friendly solutions, this renovation shows that it's always worth pursuing your biggest goals.
As you can see, the original interior was far from trendy. Throughout the interior, the dated surfaces, wallpaper and upholstery were all verging on obsolete.
Becka introduced some well-needed splashes of color, sophisticated white walls, and hardwood flooring.
The Coachman features an open layout perfect for a family looking to spend time together.
The kitchen received new faux marble countertops, a honeycomb backsplash and updated appliances.
The original RV featured a tiny sleeper sofa in the living room. It was replaced by a bigger, comfortable couch that leaves plenty of room for a home office.
On her blog, Becka explains her design choices: "Since I work from the road, it was important to me to have a workspace and I thought, where better than in front of this giant and gorgeous window so I can look out on our incredible views and be inspired!"
The bathroom is compact, as with most RVs, but it features a tub and shower as well as a standard toilet. It was important for Becka to update this room with white walls and new flooring but not to overclutter the space with decor.
Describing the previous bedroom as a "dark cave," Becka transformed it into a new and improved retreat is anything but. This room has the most storage space throughout the RV and has been freshened up with a coat of white and marble bedside tables. With the ability to fit a king-sized bed, it is fit for royalty.
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