Step inside this restored Airstream: The interior is delightfully sunlit

"Design the life you want to live," is the statement that Lynne Knowlton, blogger and designer extraordinaire, lives by. She believes it is her job to "rid the ugly in the world" and she definitely has a talent for it. Her blog showcases a variety of DIY projects that she has completed in her own home as well as her treehouse.
One of her recent endeavors was the renovation of a 31-foot vintage Airstream from 1976. In her work, Lynn curates the perfect homey elements to create spaces that are clean, functional, and most importantly, feel good to the user. She has a love for bright, eclectic interiors that are guaranteed to fill your life with a little sunshine. Although she likes to mix elements, her use of whitewashed walls fashions a classic look that is hard to pass up.
Before the renovation, the Airstream had an obvious seventies look. The mobile home had wood paneling, loud wallpaper and plush sofas – the whole nine yards.
It really is amazing what a little paint and shimmering hardware can do. However, Lynn did not get rid of everything – she was able to work with the original sofas, which now add a lovely pop of blue against all the white.
Here you can see the closed-off layout of the original Airstream design.
The designer replaced the busy, retro wallpaper with a more minimal choice. We love how the gold details continue throughout the Airstream.
She removed the dark wood shelving and cabinets, but reintroduced wood with the addition of hardwood floors. She tore out all of the cabinetry in the original kitchen to create more counter space as well as an open floor plan.
In between the kitchen and the bedroom, you will find generous closet space and a quaint bathroom.
The bedroom features two twin beds, perfect for when you are traveling with kids. She truly has designed the interior of the AirStream to be inviting and match up to her motto of designing a live that you want to live.
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