Come tour a log-sided park model and its charming master bedroom

If you want a park model that has as classic of a cabin look as you can get, you’ll want to take a look at the Coyote Cabin from Hideaway Cabins, located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The company flaunts this cabin’s warm atmosphere and rustic interior. The full kitchen, porch and private bedroom give this park model many of the amenities of a traditional home.
An interesting feature of this park model is that it comes with two floor plans from which to choose. One has a bigger living room area for people who like to stay inside a bit more. The other has a smaller living area that includes bunk beds. In the floor plan with the larger living area, an open kitchen leads right into the living area. There is also a loft option.
The exterior goes right for the classic cabin look. The bright green roof goes well with the log-style exterior.
The photo below shows a decently sized living space with room for an eating area. An optional feature includes a handmade log pine table with two benches. Wide double doors would let in plenty of natural light and sights of nature. The park model has thermal panel windows.
The full kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and stove is shown below. The photo also shows the optional loft area. The cabinets come in optional oak or pine.
The bedroom features an homage to the lovable bears that roam the region, with pillows and linens dedicated to them. Bedside tables frame the bed and illuminate the lovely wood-paneled walls.
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