Enter this vintage 1967 Airstream and channel your inner diva with its interior

Located in a Texas ghost town, Terlingua, there is one priceless and peculiar Airstream by the name of "Desert Diva." If you are looking for an adventure in a secluded desert ghost town, you have found the right Airstream. What was once a booming mining town in the 1880s is now the home to just 58 permanent residents. That doesn't mean it isn't a great place for tourists and travelers.
Desert Diva is available to rent through Airbnb. She sits in complete privacy in Terlingua's Tin Valley. Surrounded by miles of national forests and magnificent mountain ranges, you will have to forget your GPS and cell phone because service is limited. Although you have close to everything you need inside the Airstream, select restaurants and other amenities such as a pool are just a couple miles away from the property.
The inside of this Airstream is decorated with funky antiques and a wonderful array of colors. Begin with a peaceful meal in the dining area before going on a hike.
The host creates a beautiful garden-like setting even in the harsh desert environment. If the flowers can't grow outside, bring them inside.
The diverse textures and creative use of copper ceiling tiles make for a very bohemian-chic interior.
Say goodbye to cramped RV bathrooms and get ready to pamper yourself because...
...the best part about Desert Diva is her beautiful, antique bathtub. What a treat!
When you get tired of relaxing in the bath, take a dip at the local pool nearby the property.
When you arrive, the kitchen will be stocked with fresh coffee. The appliances include a small fridge, microwave, and coffee pot.
Of course, you are more than welcome to cook some dinner over the fire while gazing at the mountains surrounding you.
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