Set foot in this colorful vintage camper and bask in its warm, old-school interior

Decked out in vintage decor, this tiny Menlo Park, California trailer is the funky little retreat you've been searching for.  There's quirky quilts, original cabinets, wood panels and mustard yellow accents that bring you back to the 70's. If that wasn't enough to make it cozy - this trailer is a very compact size.
If you get tired of lounging in the full sized bed, or chowing down at the dinette you can also head outside. There, you'll find lounge chairs, a pergola, and the perfect little patio to sit around and enjoy all that California weather. Take the tour and enjoy this tiny trailer for yourself. 
Here you can see how they've extended the living space right outside the trailer. The patio is just as funky as the interior with blue lounge chairs, funky table linens, and stringed lights.
The inside of the trailer is a stunning funky mashup of vintage 70s prints we adore, alongside wood panels and the classic mustard yellow accents. 
From here you can see this adorable little breakfast nook up close. We love the little pillows and curtains flanking the windows, as well as the original green stovetop. It's the little details that make this trailer charming.
On the other side there is a full-sized bed packed with more pillows, and pretty vintage fabrics. This corner is the perfect cozy spot to curl up and relax after a day of exploring.
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