Wait until you set foot inside this beautiful park model – the back porch is perfection incarnate

Beachgoers and homeowners highly prize views of the North Bay along Virginia Beach. Park models that line the sandy shores of Virginia Beach are typically in a price range that's out of most people's budgets for a vacation home. Unit #173 sits on a narrow strip of the North Bay, just a stone's throw away from the Atlantic Ocean.
This beachfront property offers astounding views of the water and surrounding area, while the clubhouse has all the amenities you could hope for, including a pool, hot tub, tennis court and more. It's your own little slice of the high life on the sandy shores of Virginia Beach.
A covered patio lets you lounge comfortably in the shade as you watch boats drift down the bay.
Inside the house, the kitchen looks rather grand with beautiful stone tiling and hardwood floors. Hanging just above the bar is a wine glass rack that can fit upwards of six or more glasses.
While the couch is just average, you can bring your own and add your personal touch to the décor.
Stone-tiled nightstands and a queen bed look perfect against the wooden shutters and sheer, flowing curtains of the bedroom. A nice bay breeze filtering in through the window will give you restful sleep at night.
This little lounge area is so charming that you may end up spending most of your time here with a good book or your iPad.
No bayside retreat would be complete without a nice deck for grilling out. You can watch the sunset splashing over the gentle waves on the bay as you let go of any thoughts of work. It's your time to relax – enjoy it!
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