Check out this luxury park model with the stunningly bright living room — it's magic

You've seen some amazing park models on this site, but you've never seen anything quite like this one. Kropf's Island Series is a vacation home straight out of a travel magazine. The coastal-country interior has all the charm of a seaside rental in the Caribbean and sports highly modern décor and appliances.
Kropf has always been considered a premium supplier of luxury park models, so it's no surprise that the interior of this one looks fit for an episode of "MTV Cribs."
This may be the fanciest park model living room we've ever seen. Six bay windows and a vaulted ceiling give the interior a big boost; it's almost like living in a mini-mansion. Every last detail is pristine, right down to the electric fireplace and brushed-nickel lamps.
The dining area is integrated with the kitchen counter to save space and bring you closer together. Four seats gather around the extended bar and form a cozy gathering place for family dinners, and the oh-so-darling lighting fixtures cast a lovely glow that will warm you right up in colder months.
The kitchen is completely updated, and if you haven't used a stainless steel sink with a pull-out sprayer shower nozzle before, you're missing out. They're so convenient — it's unbelievable!
A stand-up shower with a corner seat sits inside the bathroom, but it's the extendable counter that catches the eye. The counter's edge folds down when not in use, which is handy when you need a bit of extra room.
A gorgeous queen-size bed rests in the bedroom next to a mirrored closet and large windows for a nice view.
Last but not least, the super loft is home to a raised platform that can easily fit a twin bed. Whether you decide to use the loft as an extra bedroom or lounge space is up to you, but you'll find it just as cozy either way.
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