Step inside a 1946 Spartan Manor: It's a classic American time capsule

Vintage Airstream resorts can be found all over the United States, but did you also know they can be found in the United Kingdom? Vintage Vacation Airstreams can be found in the Isle of Wight, and has been voted the best place to go glamping in the area. The vacation spot has a peaceful atmosphere and is located on a small working farm. In the resort's spacious field, you will find a row of vintage Airstreams, Spartanette trailers, and this 1946 Spartan Manor which is available to rent through Airbnb.
Forget about 2016 and jump back to 1946. In this Spartan, you will feel like you are in a classic American interior within the beautiful England scenery. Each RV has been filled with carefully curated furnishings and antiques inspired by midcentury design. The host describes the Isle of Wight to actually feel like it is "stuck somewhere in 1955" and lists that there are many places to shop for vintage decor and clothing.
Quirky black, white, and red checkerboard laminate covers the floor of this Spartan.
The living room is perfect for the traveling couple and features two cozy armchairs that might feel a little too much like grandma's house.
You'll definitely want to cook a delicious meal on this full-sized stove or BBQ out on the patio.
Of course, you must also enjoy some English tea in these atomic starburst cups.
We love the streamlined design of this bathroom sink. The camper features a built-in shower stall but toilet facilities are a short walk away.
Wrap yourself in some floral sheets and curl up with a good book before catching some Z's.
It's your vacation, so don't shy away from a little wine in bed.
Lastly, remember that you are surrounded by friends.
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