You've got to take a look inside this model: The interior design has true character

If you're looking for a park model with lots of character and unique features, check out this Cavco park model in Roadhaven Resort.
It's not just the location in the exotic mecca of Apache Junction, Arizona, with its retirement communities stretching as far as the eye can see. It's not the abundance of amenities that come with ownership. No, this park model has something really special about it, and you're about to see precisely what that is.
The designers created a wealth of storage space that has nothing to do with cupboards, drawers or storage sheds. Rather, the storage space resides in the walls themselves.
This shot of the dining area shows how the designers have integrated shelving into the walls over and around the home's elements to create endless pockets of storage space, from the bookshelves just off the dining area that surrounds the fireplace to the ceiling ledges throughout the home.
Even the kitchen has top shelving above the cupboards (as if they didn't provide enough room already!), where you can place extra dishes, cookbooks or decorations.
The bedroom also has shelving space above the cupboards, both over the bed and on the opposite wall where the dresser drawers are.
The queen bed still has plenty of foot room in this spacious bedroom, so you don't have to feel cramped.
The bathroom features a sink with a wide ledge, as well as a full-size walk-in shower.
When you're not hanging out in your Cavco park model, the resort offers plenty of entertainment, including bocce ball courts, a pool, restaurants and a wellness center, and much more. Considering all the amenities you have access to here, along with a fabulously spacious Arizona park model, it's definitely something to consider.
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