See what happened when these newlyweds renovated their fifth wheel – every room is stunning

To prepare for a 9-month journey across the country, a crafty couple renovated their entire fifth wheel to look like a chic, boutique hotel. When you step inside you're welcomed by whitewashed walls, sheer curtains, and bold pops of color. The design is country chic with a modern twist, and we adore everything about it.
The white interior makes this space feel massive, and each and every finish was carefully considered to really polish this home off. From the golden fixtures on the cabinets, to the perfectly puffed pillows, and stunning accent wall - this trailer ranks itself amongst one of the most beautiful renovations out there.
Living inside a fifth wheel for nine months may sound like a hassle, but the interior of this trailer will make you realize that it's truly been transformed into a home.
What was once a dark, dated corner is now a bright yet cozy retreat. We love how this corner of windows lets in all that natural light, and how the sheer white curtains diffuse it into this soft hue that reflects off the warm floors and that statement piece of a chair.
But the seating arrangement doesn't end there – there's also a big white, comfy couch tossed with warm cozy throws and beautifully patterned pillows. The all white space really makes this area feel bigger.
There's also a beautiful dining set tucked in the corner. We love how they decided to go with a rich, dark wood for the table and chairs because it really pops against all the white - adding a modern finish to a pretty classic set. 
Across from the couch there's built-ins continued from the kitchen. Here you can see the large fridge that's tucked into the wall, as well as the TV, book shelf, and cabinet for extra storage.
We love the kitchen space because it continues with that beautiful stark white on the cabinets, but it's warmed up by butchers-block counters and that incredible tangerine colored wallpaper. 
Brass is back. We love the brassy, golden handles on the cabinets because they add a bit of trendiness to the space. Plus, these are super easy to swap out or paint if you get tired of them.
Finally, the master retreat. By keeping with the white walls and accessories, and having that giant closet mirror reflect tons of light this space seems massive - for a trailer at least. 
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