Bask in this 1972 Airstream Sovereign's bohemian interior: Every corner is gorgeous

Plucked out of the era of bell-bottom jeans and disco, this Airstream pays homage to its 1970s roots with a bohemian, southwestern design sprinkled with modern accessories. Every curved corner of this Airstream is decked out in perfectly stitched pillows, cozy throws, and leafy green potted plants.
The boho design is tasteful and inviting - contrasting against white walls, and cream accents that make this space feel wide open despite being filled to the brim with mesmerizing designs and intricate accessories. We can't say enough about this stellar space, so it might be best that you take the tour and see for yourself.
Airstreams inherently look like modern masterpieces of travel - yet with that classic vintage vibe. The inside of this one is even better.
Immediately upon stepping inside this Airstream, you realize this isn't a typical trailer, or a typical renovation. The floors look like they've been stripped from an old farmhouse, and each and every boho-chic detail looks plucked from the pages of a magazine.
You're forever on vacation in this renovated Airstream. We love the trunk and suitcase that bring a nomadic feel to the boho pillows and curtains that feel as though they were bought at a market in a faraway land. By keeping everything natural and organic this little corner also feels much bigger and brighter than it is. 
Every nook and cranny has been used thoughtfully, and designed meticulously. This little corner doubles as a magazine and umbrella storage space, as well as a cozy reading nook.
The bed is a dreamy combination of whites, creams, and beiges that's bound to send you off into dreamland - in style. 
Every spot in this Airstream has been taken advantage of. We love how this storage solution is both totally practical, yet unique and stylish like the rest of the place. Having each bin don a different pattern in a neutral color palette keeps the airy design boho design of the entire space going. 
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