You won't regret visiting the 2006 International: Its bathroom is the height of sophistication

Airstreams are awesome for their futuristic vibe -- and the inside of this one has a stunning modern design to match the gleaming exterior. Parked on the property of a beautiful So-Cal San Jose home, this is a luxurious place to retreat to after a day of fun in the Golden State.
On the outside, this 2006 International Airstream looks much like any other, but once you step inside, you'll see just how sleek one of these trailers can be.
Metallic black walls give this interior a modern feel -- and despite their dark, cool color, they manage to make the space seem roomy enough. The white cabinets contrast against the black beautifully, as do the light-honey wooden floors that run the length of the Airstream.
Compact and stylish, the kitchenette has everything you need and the look you desire. The contemporary cabinets shine against the overhead storage that's sealed with orange-tempered glass. While the space may be small, it's packed with wonderful design details. Surprisingly, though its kitchen is rather minimal, the Airstream features a massive refrigerator for all your food-related needs.
Here you can glimpse the original stainless steel siding, which looks fantastic against the sleek, dark walls. That electric blue pops against the metal and contrasts beautifully with the notes of orange throughout the interior.
The bedroom continues with that orange burst and once again showcases the original siding everyone adores about Airstreams. Sleeping in this cozy corner might be reminiscent of a luxurious little space pod that you get all to yourself.
This home comes complete with a full bathroom that includes a walk-in shower, the likes of which you'd only expect to see in full-fledged homes. What a treat!
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