Pristine park model has a high-end kitchen that you'll want to stay in forever

After you see the park model we found on Orchard Beach, you're going to want to spend all your vacations in Maine. This beautiful state is ripe with seaside locations, both commercial and residential. Maine has more to offer than its famous lobster and clam chowder, though.
The resort communities in Maine offer gorgeous views of the coast and shady woodlands for a private feel. You'll still be close to events and hot spots, but your own slice of Maine property is away from all the noise. Take this park model on Saco Avenue in the Wild Acres camping resort, for instance.
The forest surrounding the community is undeveloped and undisturbed. You can sit on your spacious deck and breathe in the pine-scented air, and the noise of the city will be all but forgotten.
Those forest views are never far away when you sit down at the dining area. Clean white décor and bright, open windows let you relax and wonder at the marvel of nature as you eat a tasty Maine breakfast. At night, the soft glow of the chandelier will warm you right up.
Aside from the clean lines and hardwood floors found in this park model, the countertops are made from a splendid dark granite. The rich tones, coupled with the shining stainless steel appliances, make for a truly gorgeous, functional kitchen.
As far as bedrooms go, this one is a decent size, and look! It has granite-top nightstands to boot! You'll feel warm and cozy as you lie in your bed, listening to the soft hoots of owls and coastal winds whistling through the trees. It's a lullaby anyone could get used to really quickly.
Upstairs is a wide double loft. Should you desire, you could fit another queen bed and a twin up there for guests to come over, or you could turn the bigger loft into an entertainment area. Either way, there's a lot of space to play with.
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