Step inside this ingenious park model: The generous open plan kitchen is fantastic

This park model is a salute to our Canadian friends and their ingenuity. As a stiff competitor for the world's best luxury park model maker, a designer in British Columbia has really outdone himself with this Kamloops unit.
The boxy design and butterfly roof have an appearance that's far different from what we normally think of for park models, but this modern vacation home has a world of wonder hiding within its walls. Let's take a peek inside, and soon you'll see why the design is so groundbreaking.
A generous open plan kitchen and living room flow together in a feng shui fantasy. It's easy to picture yourself lying on the modern sofa, drifting away into dreamland as you gaze out at the beautiful sunshine through the large open window.
The cozy dining area for two has an extendable table to fit a guest in for dinner. The furniture and décor for this park model are optional, but between you and me, I'd definitely keep the couch and that cute little dining set.
The kitchen. Oh, the kitchen! It's a bit of a squeeze for more than one person, but the updated appliances and large sink more than make up for it. There's a ton of storage space in the cupboards, as well as optimized lighting fixtures to keep the kitchen nice and bright. Two more seats by the counter let you have extra dining space.
The bathroom has a full tub and shower that let you stretch while you wash up. There are also granite counter tops that add an extra touch of class to this luxury park model, and hardwood floors (which are found throughout the park model) continue into the bathroom.
Two access points to the bedroom can be found via the bathroom and hallway.
Upon entering, you're greeted with a queen bed next to twin nightstands. A large window and spacious closet, along with a chest of drawers opposite the bed, make this room a safe haven that keeps out the winter chill. You're one cup of hot cocoa away from true paradise!
If you aren't already thinking about retirement in Canada, the amenities might persuade you. The unit comes with a ducted A/C unit, plumbing and wiring for a washer/dryer set, and a 6-foot covered deck to rest on as you admire the Canadian countryside.
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