Tour a restored Spartan travel trailer: It takes you back to the nifty fifties

DIY adventurers across the country have been taking on the efforts of completely renovating their vintage RVs. More and more people are choosing to gut the whole interior, white-wash the walls and fill the new space with contemporary furnishings. But others find beauty in the original details and aim to preserve the history of such classic designs. This 1950 Spartan travel trailer is the latter.
Fully restored, this iconic trailer design appears to have never entered our day and age. Available to rent through Airbnb, it is the perfect vacation getaway for anyone who can't get enough of the midcentury look. The Spartan is parked at Dolores River Campground in Dolores, Colorado. If the lush trees and sounds of the river don't win you over, we know the interior of this travel trailer will.
A more modern futon has been placed in the living room, functioning as an additional sleeping area at night. A lovely, western-style blanket is suitable for the Colorado landscape.
Throughout the whole trailer, the original wood paneling has been left intact. The hand crafted shelving is a great way to break up space.
The original floor plan of this Spartan has been preserved. However, all of the appliances have been replaced by newer models. Don't be fooled by the awesome, vintage-looking microwave.
The aluminum walls of this 1/2 bath look just as shiny and new as the exterior. Don't worry, the shower is located just a few steps away in the bathhouse of the campground.
The smooth curves of this Spartan trailer will make you feel even more tucked into this cozy bed.
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