Catch a glimpse inside a 2014 Keystone Mountaineer: It's more than luxurious

Moving always has its ups and downs. Just when you think everything is going according to plan, your couch won't fit through a doorway, you break one of your favorite keepsakes, or maybe you just don't have enough room in the U-haul. Unfortunately, moving into an RV has a whole new set of problems. How much of your clothes do you have to give away to make room? How will you secure your belongings when you are going 60 miles per hour down the highway?
This Nashville couple began to plan their life on the road, assuming they would be living the nomadic dream in no time. They soon began to share "life on the road lessons" on their blog, Story is Our Way Home, stating everything from "assumptions make you look stupid" to "RV owner's manuals suck." Despite a few bumps in the beginning, the final renovation of Christy and Cary's 2014 Keystone Mountaineer looks effortless. Although it might not be easy, the couple concluded that the challenges of RV living are completely and totally worth it when you have your best friend by your side.
While trailer shopping, Christy and Cary decided that a 5th wheel would be the best option for them due to the higher ceilings and stability while driving. But as you can see, the original interior was looking a little dark.
But with a few trips to Home Depot and what seemed like endless gallons of paint, they completely transformed the camper. It's amazing how a little bit of white paint can really open up a small space.
Can you believe this is an RV kitchen?
Look at all the counter space! To contrast all the white, the couple installed real wood on the kitchen and living room walls.
They didn't exactly budget for a full-blown renovation, so naturally, IKEA furnishings save the day and look great while doing it.
Ripping out the original dark leather recliners, they created a reading nook that is much more pleasing to the eyes.
Since they work from home, Christy and Cary wanted a dining space that also doubled as a work space.
As you can see, their new home also features a comfortable sized bedroom and bathroom. Be sure to keep an eye out on their blog for more beautiful photos!
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