Charming park model has the loveliest interior décor

We're back in Mesa, Arizona with another amazing park model – this one happens to be right on Main Street! You'll be just minutes away from famous attractions like Organ Stop Pizza, which features dinner entertainment in the form of a giant orchestra of organs, and the Mesa Arts Center.
This park model resides in the sweet little community of The Groves and has a front row seat to the main thoroughfare that goes through Mesa. Don't worry; you're not directly on the main road. Unit G158 sits just around the corner from it. The lawn is super easy to take care of. After all, it's just rocks! There are a couple nice shrubberies out front for those who want a little greenery.
Unlike the exterior, the inside of this lovely park model isn't subject to the dry heat of Arizona's arid weather. The country-style interior is simply gorgeous with its natural light and bright features. You can spy on any early morning activity through the windows next to the dining area as you sip a cup of coffee or tea.
The living room lets in quite a bit of light, even with the shades closed. As cheery as the beautiful sunshine outside, this open plan room is perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing in the after noon.
One thing we love about this kitchen is the floor vent next to the stove. It gets hot in the kitchen when you're cooking a meal in the oven, so it's nice to have an air conditioning vent to cool you down while you work, especially in Arizona!
Just around the corner in the bathroom, a huge medicine cabinet gives you tons of storage space for all your necessities. The shower/tub combo is quite spacious and has a lofty window to let in natural light.
The bedroom can hold a queen size bed, but it's the cabinetry that's the best feature about it. You've got shelving on both ends of the room, and there's a lot of it! There's also a mirrored closet and corner wall-mounted nightstand to keep you extra cozy.
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