Walk inside this 1976 Airstream: The inside will make you want to stay forever

Welcome to the Happy Camper: a 1976 Airstream Land Yacht located in Wimberley, Texas. Tucked away on a peaceful six-acre lot on a quiet country road, the Happy Camper is perfect for those looking for a relaxing country vacation. It is also the ideal location for a more adventurous trip centered around the natural attractions in the area. The Happy Camper is a mile away from Jacob's Well, a crystal-clear spring where brave divers can navigate an underwater cave with a vertical drop of 30 feet.
No worries, though, if you are not an experienced diver. The average swimmer can still enjoy the thrill of swimming at the cave's mouth. Whatever the reason you are visiting the area, this clean and contemporary Airstream is a must-see. Trust us, it's worth taking the dive for.
Your favorite part of this Airstream might be the cool relief of escaping that Texas heat. Enjoy all of the AC you can get, without forfeiting the natural light that floods the living area.
The kitchen is absolutely perfect. It features an oven, gas-burning stove and a retro-style fridge to accommodate all of your meals.
Small sinks are common in Airstreams and other RVs, but that is not the case here. The Happy Camper's goal is to keep you, well, happy.
We love all the different types of wood used throughout the Airstream for a look that is both rustic and contemporary. This bar is the perfect place to start the day with a cup of coffee or tea.
The living area is opposite of the kitchen and is filled with fun decorative elements and brightly colored textiles.
The bed has also been customized with reclaimed wood and offers windows on all sides for uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape.
Don't forget; this is still considered camping. Enjoy a night dining al fresco with the outdoor fire pit, charcoal grill and picnic area.
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