Step into a brilliantly restored 1970 Airstream and admire its cozy dining nook

This retro Airstream will make you change your mind about your grandmother's outdated floral curtains. Here, busy floral patterns, yellow paint and wood paneling seem totally cool again. After being carefully restored, this 1970 Airstream was listed as a vacation rental via Airbnb. She is lovingly named Rosie, and her bright interior will put you right at ease.
Located in the desert town of Terlingua, Texas, Rosie sits atop a hill with panoramic views of mountains and blue sky. The sun seems to shine just as bright inside her aluminum shell. Rosie has an array of indoor and outdoor seating areas to choose from, including a cozy living room and a fire pit. Grab the telescope, courtesy of the host, and check out the uninterrupted views of the stars.
The color brown and wooden surfaces are standard in RV design. It is a characteristic that often gets changed in renovation projects. Here, the host has worked with the surfaces rather than covering them with a coat of white, modernizing the space but still maintaining the retro vibe.
Floral textiles embellish the Airstream, transforming a once-dated pattern into a chic addition that livens up the interior with some color.
Speaking of color, who knew a simple strip of yellow could do so much for a room? The vibrant color on the ceiling brightens up the space and looks stylish against the brown.
The kitchen might look retro, but it is fully updated with all the comfort of modern amenities.
The bedroom features two twin-sized, Tempur-Pedic beds. The sofa in the living room can be pulled out as an additional sleeping area.
As part of the 28 feet of living space, this adorable bathroom is very comfortable. Wind down with a relaxing bath...
... and always enjoy the amazing view outside the window.
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