Find your desert oasis in the form of an Avion trailer: The bathroom is magical

Located in the historic ghost town of Terlingua, Texas, this vintage Avion trailer just might be the desert oasis you've been searching for. She is appropriately named "Desert Pearl" due to a beautiful iridescence similar to that of the beloved gemstone. Pearls are also unique, rare, and valuable, qualities that this Avion happens to share as well. Luckily, the owners of this awe-inspiring piece of property have listed the Pearl for rent through Airbnb.
The unique aspect about this Avion oasis is its astonishing connection to the vernacular architecture of the region. Terlingua is essentially a town of ruins composed of the natural and architectural remnants left over from its mining days. The town is located in an area that was known for its use of adobe: sun-dried brick crafted from the earth. The Desert Pearl features a full-sized adobe bathroom as well as a privacy wall. While the buildings exterior recalls Terlingua's history, the interior is delightfully modern.
When approaching the site, you'll notice how much privacy the Avion gets. The wall is crafted from handmade adobe bricks sourced from local materials.
The shaded patio is a great place to cool off, have breakfast, or stargaze. You even get a spectacular view of the Chisos Mountains in the distance.
The interior space is tranquil, relaxed, and packed with only the necessities so you can enjoy a clutter-free vacation.
There is a small counter and a fridge for storing snacks, but don't forget nearby restaurants and bars are only a three-minute walk away.
Warm, bamboo floors continue throughout the whole camper giving the Avion a modern look free from any patterned laminates.
Who could pass up this bed? We love the use of the large mirror to open up the space.
When you wake up, be sure to head into the adobe bathroom for a relaxing rain shower.
Of course, no plastic toilets here! Only the finest, natural materials.
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