Try to contain your excitement when you see the unique interior of the Silver Bungalow

Imagine waking up, looking out your window, and being greeted by life-size sculptures of giraffes that have been crafted out of metal. No, you are not at a zoo, or some sort of strange art exhibit, but rather somewhere equally exciting: the Silver Bungalow at Silver Sky Acres. Silver Sky is an eco-resort located in the picturesque desert of Topanga, California. Surrounded by blue sky, enchanting hiking trails, and the Santa Monica Mountains, Silver Sky is the ultimate romantic getaway.
You can escape for the weekend and visit Silver Sky by booking the Silver Bungalow through Airbnb. While you are immersed in nature, Silver Sky is the ideal location for many because of its close proximity to Los Angeles. Guests love to cozy up by the outdoor fire pit on the cool, Summer nights. The host attests for the magical quality of the area, "Planets and stars come out by the thousands, and the hoot of owls and the call of the mountain coyotes connects us to the beauty of nature."
The interior of the Silver Bungalow is so cozy, you feel like you have walked into a pillow fort made for adults.
You'll love all of the fun patterns, textures, and colors throughout the bungalow.
Seriously, just look at that day bed begging for you to light a candle, cuddle up with a book, or spend some quiet time meditating in the warm beams of sunlight.
The full-sized bed is just as inviting. We love the use of reclaimed wood that goes with the reuse-and-recycle aesthetic of the resort.
Not one, but two trailers come with your stay at Silver Sky Acres. Although there is a small kitchenette in the Silver Bungalow, this trailer is dedicated solely to cooking.
Take a seat at this adorable yellow table and feel as if you were at your own private cafe.
The bathroom is also outdoors, allowing for a refreshing open air experience.
Tired of being inside? Hang out in this amazing outdoor living room: A nice shady location during the day, and warm fire-lit nook at night.
Sitting by this fire is basically like living in a fairy tale. Lie under the stars and experience the magic.
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