Observe how this husband and wife team completely remodeled their 1971 Red Dale trailer

When you live in Colorado, it is hard not to feel constantly beckoned by the spectacular landscape. With so many opportunities for outdoor adventure, one can only dream of having a home to bring along. At least that was the case for husband and wife team KJ and Rob. The two are photographers, high school sweethearts, and now they are experts when it comes to DIY trailer renovations.
The couple longed for a home to bring with them on trips to the lake, mountain biking and traveling on their job as wedding photographers. After many years of debating a renovation project, they finally decided to purchase and remodel a 1971 Red Dale trailer. In the process, they did a lot of Youtube consulting, became best friends with the Home Depot employees, and learned all about repairing trailers with water damage.
"First of all, we realized dreams are expensive. Not only financially, but expensive with time," KJ writes on their blog. The couple had to keep reminding themselves of the end goal in order to remain optimistic about all that needed to be done.
The original design was wood paneling from floor to ceiling, including the cabinets and even the stove top detailing. KJ & Rob had a different wooden look in mind, one that is a little more contemporary and far less brown.
They opted for this lighter wood finish for the kitchenette. They also painted the walls with a coat of bright white, giving the interior a light and airy atmosphere.
Because of the tiny size of the trailer, the original layout was kept the same. The dinette also functions as the sleeping area. As you can see, a lot of work needed to be done before the couple could feel comfortable sleeping on this.
The original table was made of cheap plastic, and the floors were not made for bare feet.
KJ & Rob
A brand new table was put in, matching the wood in the kitchen. New upholstery, curtains, and bedding were also added. We love how the yellow pillow recalls the hue of their vintage fridge.
Wood looks far better on the floors than on the walls. Designing for a small space is all about the details.
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